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    1. Venture Avenue

      To empower the development of a more effective and efficient civil sector.

      Our Mission

      Venture Avenue aims to empower the development of a more effective and efficient civil sector in developing countries, through capability enhancement, effective use of funding, and social impact tracking and evaluation for social ventures, NGOs and their investors.

      We understand the challenges and needs of the social sector in developing countries. Our expertise with combined expertise from both non- and for-profit world home and abroad, are capable of customizing and applying proven business know-how to help our clients to set effective strategy, gain public supports and achieve maximum social benefits.

      We believe every individual project is a unique opportunity to build “sustainability” into an organization. Our highly customized project approach focuses not only maximizing the project’s outcome but also on building its sustainability with a stronger organizational capability.

      Our vision is that in many cases philanthropy fund can be leveraged therefore producing a bigger social impact, and social ventures can achieve a deeper impact than NGOs.

      Our mission is to help Chinese high-potential social enterprises scale up with both angle funding and hands-on consultancy.