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    1. Fellowship Program


      Venture Avenue’s Fellowship Program (FP) is designed to invite young talents - student and business professionals, to join VA as intern or project fellow. In FP, young talents will be able to work with VA’s professional full-time team during a 3-8 month internship, or on a short-period, project-based assignment. FP is a platform to connect young talents with fast-expanding philanthropy sector and professional VA team.

      Currently the FP program is only open to selected candidates:

      • FP-S (Student) is for top universities in China and China-Europe International Business School
      • FP-P (Project) is for ex- or current employees from 3 major consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG and Bain), 4 major auditing firms (Delloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young and KPMG) and fortune 500 companies.

      FP fellows will independently work on specific work streams. Together with VA’s full-time project managers, FP fellows will have the opportunity to see their impact beyond academic and business arena. Upon successful completion of assignment, Fellows with excellent performance and long term career plan will be invited to join VA as full-time professional.

      During FP fellow’s services, VA will cover the traveling expenses and provide reasonable stipend.

      We expect FP fellows to bring their passion and creativity to VA – combination of both will help VA find effective and sustainable solutions to China philanthropy sector. Meanwhile, VA needs to better understand development need of future leaders.

      Click here to see our Star Fellows

      Eligible Candidates

      • Share VA’s passion to empower China philanthropy sector with business know how and creativity
      • From the universities or firms listed in the introduction
      • Strong analytical capability and communication skills
      • Able to travel intensively, and to rural China, able to work in fast-pace environment
      • Strong commitment to job responsibilities, strong team player
      • Solid command of Chinese and English

      Should you be interested in the fellowship program, please send a cover letter and your CV to Info@VentureAvenue.com